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The world of Financial Services in 2020 is more complex than ever before. Long-term care, State benefits, estate planning… the space needed for smallprint is getting bigger by the day.

Fortica writing

At Fortica, our mission is simple – quite literally, as we work to make complex subjects more accessible and enjoyable to read by writing about them in a simple, clear and straightforward manner.

Over the years, we’ve written and edited everything from short sets of client briefing notes through to full topic textbooks. In fact, our current claim to fame is that the Fortica team are proud contributors to six of the main textbooks currently being used by students working towards their formal qualifications in Financial Services. We reckon we’ve provided over 2 million words of study material across the entire range of regulated examinations. We keep it simple – and our clients keep coming back for more.

Anyone can write, but to write in a way that’s clear, concise and captures people’s interest is a whole other skill. So, if you have an important document or resource you need to create that will help you communicate more simply with your staff, students or clients, we’ve got the expertise to help.

Our MD, Jon, is always happy to chat and offer a no-obligation quote for our writing and editing services. Call him on 07427 662933 or email

Fortica Editing
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