“Well that’s a half a day of my life I’m never getting back….”
Unfortunately, too often, training is created and delivered to plug a perceived hole without REALLY thinking about the desired outcomes or the best means of delivery. Stretched Learning and Development departments are often forced into ‘quick fixes’ that result in sub-optimal outcomes.
How can Fortica help?
We will work with you to ensure you get the best possible solution:
– What is the real training need?
– What are the learning outcomes for any training intervention?
– Should the training be delivered face-to-face or via e-learning?
– Who are the best people to deliver the training?
The extent to which you need our help will vary from organisation to organisation but may include any or all of:
– Comprehensive training needs analysis
– Design of a training package and production of materials
– Train the trainer events
– Full delivery
For more information or to discuss how Fortica can help you, please contact us or call on 01908 686629