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Not everyone is able to learn from a book - however well the book is written.

When it comes to training, books can be a great resource, but sometimes, you need interaction. We’re talking about the guidance and support of a real person who can talk you through technicalities and steer you through scenarios that help to make training just a little bit more accessible.


Whether it’s helping students to pass regulated exams, training new entrants to the Financial Services industry, or delivering specific projects to upskill teams, the good folk at Fortica have the knowledge, expertise and personal approach to make sure that not only are messages delivered, but that they have an impact, too.

We’ve spent years providing face to face and virtual classroom training, delivering results that, quite frankly, make us all look good. We work with complete novices to give them that helping hand to meet required standards, but also work with more experienced colleagues to give them that edge they really crave.

We plan our training to the needs of the ‘room’, and can work on anything from one-to-one tuition, to large group seminars. We can even guarantee you’ll want to stay awake!

Think we can help? Contact our MD Jon directly on 07427 662933. He’s always happy to chat. You can also drop him a line to

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