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Face-to-face learning is no longer the only way to train your people. Yes, face-to-face learning still has an important  role to play, but in the modern world e-learning offers huge potential. Good e-learning courses will allow your people to learn at their own pace, in their own environment and on the device of their choosing. Best of all, it allows you to easily track and record their progress electronically.

How can Fortica help?

Attractive, easy to use solutions don’t need to cost the Earth! At Fortica, we can:

  • work with you to build beautiful, effective e-learning courses, that can be viewed on all devices.
  • take your existing content and transform it, quickly and effectively into interactive content that engages your people.
  • we can also work with you to build new content to meet the needs of your business.

You can upload our e-learning content quickly and easily into your own learning management system, or you can use ours. Either way, you’ll still be in control.

For more information or to discuss how Fortica can help you, please contact us info@fortica.co.uk or call 01604 814 675. We’d be happy to discuss your needs and show you some of our work.