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Continuing Professional Development

CPD – it’s the future! It is no longer enough to have letters after your name! If you are a professional, you need to show that you also keep up to date with changes. All regulated financial advisers must now complete 35 hours of CPD each year to keep and  their Statement of Professional Standing (SPS). Importantly, at least 21 of these hours must be ‘structured’ and all should be ‘relevant’ to the adviser’s role. You can’t just read the trade press each week – it needs a bit more than that! Unfortunately, putting together a meaningful and relevant programme of CPD can put a lot of strain on in-house resources, requiring careful planning and significant time to build.

How can Fortica help with your CPD?

The good news is that we can do the heavy lifting for you. Our team can design, produce and deliver a programme of CPD for your firm that is both bespoke and personalised. We will take into account the skill-set and training needs of your people and deliver something that adds real value. Our approach includes:

  • As much or as little CPD as you want – either linking in with your own work or providing it all for you
  • Detailed training needs analysis
  • Discussion and liaison with in-house subject matter experts
  • Consideration of the most appropriate way to deliver training (e-learning, face-to-face, blended approach)
  • Fully bespoke content build, branded in your own way
  • Where relevant, tie-in to further examinations…
  • Provision of individual evidence of CPD completed for each adviser

For more information or to discuss how Fortica can help you, please contact us info@fortica.co.uk or call on 01604 814 675