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Colleagues in the Financial Services industry are of course always some of the most qualified and astute people in business, but every now and then, we all need a little bit of help.

Fortica consultancy

As reputable consultants in the Financial Services sector, the team at Fortica are well-known for being as friendly and approachable as we are experienced and full of ideas and advice. Some people have even claimed that we’re human!

Sometimes you just need someone to offer thoughts, options and guidance. Similarly, you may be looking for challenge. We can give you that. Too many projects end up over-running on time and cost, and we’re here to stop that through the offer of subject matter expertise and an objective eye (and ear) to support you.

We’ve got huge SME experience across the Financial Services industry. We’ve also got more qualifications than you can shake a stick at, and in most cases, we even wrote the textbooks that helped other people gain those same qualifications! In fact, you may want to look at our Writing and Editing page to see how our consultancy provision can even help you further with your projects.

Our MD, Jon Dunckley, has headed up technical teams for a wide range of offices and provided consultation to firms of all sizes… why not give him a call on 07427 662933 or email to see how we can help you.

Fortica consultancy
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