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Jon Dunckley Fortica

Having joined the Financial Services industry as an Adviser fresh out of University in 1996, I then moved successfully onwards and upwards into training, before going it all alone in 2005.

I can’t say that this industry has ‘kept me young’, but I still take great enjoyment in having been one of the youngest people ever to become a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. I now hold three Charters, two Fellowships and a Master’s degree in Financial Planning. A geek? Maybe. Perfectly placed to help my clients? Absolutely.

I’ve also completed several IronMan triathlons in the last few years. That’s nothing to do with my job, but it’s a great excuse to show off my photographs!

Fortica isn’t a big business by any stretch. We don’t have elaborate offices, and I can’t even offer you a branded pen!

All of our team members work from home and on a flexible basis. I’m proud to say that this has always been by design, and nothing to do with this ‘pivot’ thing everyone’s talking about since The Great Lockdown of 2020. I want to work with the best people, and so it’s important that I create an environment that works as well for them as it works for our clients.

None of what we do is faceless, and I personally liaise with every client on our books. I will always know the current status of your project.

Jon Dunckley Fortica
About Fortica

Our Board of Advisers aren’t just at the top of their game in Financial Services, but also in Education. We have senior leaders from both primary and secondary settings who constantly challenge the way we do things and help us ensure we improve each and every day in our provision.

We like to think of Fortica as a centre of excellence – and we’re very proud of it.

Now, if you’ll forgive me, I feel a PhD calling me…

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