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  • We offer solutions to problems… it’s that simple. Whether the problem is passing an exam, meeting continuing professional development requirements, developing and delivering training to your people or even providing technical support through industry experts, we have it covered.

    With decades of experience in financial services at senior levels covering both training, technical and sales we also bring a commercial edge, focusing our efforts on the results you are seeking.


You spend HOW much on cycling gear?

This is the question I am dreading hearing when I next apply for a mortgage. With the new affordability checks under MMR now in force, all mortgage applicants are going to come under much closer scrutiny in terms of their spending patterns. This could mean some difficult questions when the future Mrs Dunckley finds out […]

Expert exam tuition

Jon Dunckley, Managing Director of Fortica and Chartered Certified Financial Planner is running a series of workshops to help students pass their RO exams. Contact jon@fortica.co.uk for more details

A brave new world…

So it is all change in the Pensions world. At first glance, it seems a great idea for those who can control their finances and budget effectively. It also seems like an invitation to commit financial suicide for those who can’t. Time, and consultation, will ultimately tell. In the meantime, we are here to provide […]


Working with our team at ExamAngel (a division of Fortica) we have put together a workshop programme designed to help get you through to advanced diploma level. The tutorials run weekly and build your knowledge gradually. For more information contact info@fortica.co.uk


Fortica can work with your organisation to develop bespoke, structured CPD to meet the needs of your people. Our industry experts can ensure you get the most out of your CPD hours. Find out what we can do you for you info@fortica.co.uk